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Virtual Learning Resources for CMS families


CMS Faculty updates the school's website often. Bookmark it!

Welcome Letter to 6th Grade Families - 7/1/2020

Students entering 6th and 9th grades can submit required residency re-verification forms online


Free summer meals for students 18 years old and younger

Check out the CMS Library's Facebook group page for educational resource info & updates

BCPS resources for social-emotional support

Catonsville Middle School has new phone numbers. Please update the school numbers on your home & cell phones.


  • Main Office: 443- 809-0803, Fax - 443-809-1036

  • Counseling Office: 443-809-0807, Fax – 443-809-5933

  • Health Suite: 443-809-1087, Fax – 443-809-5880

  • Cafeteria: 443-809-0923

  • Library: 443-809-0864

Check out the Crape Myrtles outside the school They were planted by Mr. Lovell and CMS students as part of a school beautification project funded in part by the PTSA. 

Service Hours Instructions
Complete the Pre-Approval form and give to Mrs. Bates (  Allow one week for her to approve it and she will then give the Pre-Approval form back to you.  She will call your name on announcements to pick up your form.  Only once you receive the Pre-Approval form back from Mrs. Bates can you complete the SSL hours.  Link to Form.  Once hours are completed, return the Pre-Approval and the Reflection form to Mrs. Bates for the hours to be imputed into the SSL system.  

Special Note:  According to BCPS rules “Altar services, Acolytes choir, teaching or assisting in the teaching of Bible/Sunday school and setting up for religious services” will not be counted as BCPS SSL hours. If the form has not been pre-approved by the BCPS coordinator or Mrs. Bates, the hours will not be counted.


School Supply List  2019-2020

Universal Emergency Response Procedures

The list of Clubs & Organizations

Box Tops

You're buying the products anyway. Clipping those Box Tops brings much needed money to the school for supplies and programs. So please send in those Box Tops with your child. Thank you!!

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