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Lobby Art Collective Project

We have a simple idea: Use regular pieces of paper to decorate the big wall that you see when you enter the school -- eventually. 

The theme: 2020
Yep. That's it. 2020. It's been a weird, stressful, unpredictable year.

You CAN:

-sketch your thoughts
-paint your feelings
-print a photo of something you did that will always remind you of 2020
-anything else you think is artistic


If you don't feel like creating something from scratch, you can also take a picture of yourself in your virtual learning space. Everybody likes seeing other people's set-up at home. 

Disclaimer: Please DON'T include political statements (for example: "Black Lives Matter" is NOT considered a political statement; "Defund the police" IS considered a political statement). 

Whatever you decide, just make sure it's printed on a piece paper. It can be as small as a note card or as big as 11”x17”.  Then, drop it off in the "Lobby Art" box that will be sitting by the CMS front doors Nov. 30 through Dec. 18.

The PTSA will take what's in the box and put it up on the wall. And some day, when the first bell rings and tells you all to get to class, I hope you'll want to keep staring at the wall so much that it ALMOST makes you late for class. 

But, you won't be late to class, because you'll remember how happy you are to actually be going to a live class.  

Questions? Ask Maryann Johns, our committee chair via

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