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Join/Donate to the Catonsville Middle School PTSA!

We are all members of the Catonsville community and share a desire for our students to have the best middle school experience possible. Having strong connections between parents, teachers, and students is the goal we are all working towards. The PTSA helps by funding programs, offering services, and providing resources not available through BCPS. 

In order to be a voting member of the PTSA you must join our organization by paying dues of $10. Part of that membership fee goes to the state and national organization, but anything you donate beyond that goes back into our school!

In the past the PTSA has asked for $100 per family, which feels like a BIG ask. We know that many families can't donate that amount for every school their children attend, or all at once! We also acknowledge that parents are likely to spend that much or more throughout the year in fundraisers and events. The PTSA humbly asks that you consider donating however much you can on whatever schedule works best for your family. In exchange we promise not to inundate you with fundraisers like cookie, pizza, or wrapping paper sales.

We do hold a few beloved fundraisers (mulch sale) throughout the year and plan on having local restaurant nights to help fund events and more at CMS.


Fill out the form below to join/make a donation to the Catonsville Middle School PTSA. Your memberships and donations support students, teachers, and parents.

Lastly, please make sure that you sign up for our
newsletter.  Thank you!


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